Local Organic Small Spaghetti Squash

$7.00 a bag 

Local Organic



$7.00 a bag

 Local Organic Jams and Jellies

Local Organic

Athena Cantaloupes 

$7.00 each

Local Organic Zebra Heirloom Tomatoes

$10.00 a bag 

**Sold Out Veggies of the same price will be tastefully substituted with other available veggies of the same price

Local Organic Small Yellow Onions 

$6.00 a bag 

Local Organic Red Bell Peppers

$6.00 a bag

Local Organic

Golden Midget Melons

$7.00 each 

Local Organic White Potatoes 

$6.00 a bag 

Local Organic Green Beans 

$7.00 a  bag


Red leaf Lettuce 

 SALE: $3.00 a head 

Local Organic




$7.00 a bag

100% LOCAL, Organic or Both & 100% Seasonal - Delivered

Local Organic Sun Gold Tomatoes

$6.00 a Bag

Local Organic  Pie Pumpkins

SALE: $5.00!!

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 Local Fruit

Local Organic White 


$5.00 a Bag

Local Organic Raspberry  Jam

Sweetened with Agave

SALE: $7.00 a jar

Local Organic Cabbage

$6.00 a Head

Local Organic Cucumbers 

$4.50 a Bag

Local Veggies and Herbs

Local Organic Blackberry Jam

Sweetened with Agave

SALE: $7.00 a jar


Local Proteins

(Grass-Fed Beef, Tofu, Eggs & Cheeses)

All orders are due by Friday  @ 7pm.
 Orders cannot be placed until we send out our "Weekly Reminder Email".
Weekly reminder emails are sent out once the website is updated on (Monday afternoon).
Any order placed before the weekly reminder email has been sent will not be accepted.
There is a “late fee”, for all late orders. Missing Items must be reported with in 24 hours of delivery to receive credit.
If you would like us to pick your weekly share items, you need to request that in your weekly order.

Everything listed  on our Weekly Goodies page is  Organic 

 Our Local  farm network includes farms  within 100 miles of the Washington DC Metro Area

The local farms that we work with are located in  : Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland,West Virginia




Grass Fed & Finished 


Ground Beef

1.     $9.00 each aprox 1 lb

3.     Brisket

 $14.00 a lb

4.     Short Ribs

$14.00 a lb

6.     Porterhouse

$20.00 a lb

You are only charged for the exact weight of the cut