​​​​​​​​​​FAQ: SECTION

1. Q: What happens to my CSA-Delivery if i am not physically present to receive it?

Coolers  are a MANDATORY feature of our program to combat spoiled ruined produce.

Our delivery hours are from 10am - 12 am

If our delivery driver arrives to your address within our delivery hours and cannot gain entry, they should be able to

place your items in a cooler.

If you are going out of town, you can skip the week by NOT ordering that week and you will not lose any of your CSA balance.

If you do not use your CSA Share balance credit, you will NOT lose it even if you skip a week.

                                                                                                          2. Q: How long do I have to use my CSA Share credit?

                               You have until the last week of the CSA Share Program that you are enrolled in to use your balance. If you do not use your share balance whatever dollar   amount remains on your account will be donated (in food value) to a feed the homeless program within Washington DC metro area.

3. Q: Who keeps track of my CSA balances?

The LittleFarmStand, and you can request your balance at any time. 

4. Q: What will be in my CSA basket every week?

You pick what items you want included in your weekly CSA basket, unless you want a custom CSA basket created for you.

Every week you will receive a reminder email to check the website and select from the seasonal items we will be offering that week.

Weekly CSA items will be updated via the website EVERY Saturday.

5. Q: What happens if I order too many goodies or spend my entire CSA balance, before the season ends?

You can add more money to your CSA account at any time in $100.00 increments only and before week 6 of the program that you are enrolled in.

If you go over or under your balance on any given week, no problem!

Your CSA Share account is only charged when an order is placed,similar to a gift card.If you have no credit left on your account, then we adjust your order to include as many items as possible that you ordered within your credit balance until it is exhausted.

6. Q: Am I allowed to order anything on the weekly list, in any amount?

  You can choose whatever you like every week, but CSA weekly orders may
NOT exceed $75, otherwise you will be charged a large order

processing fee of $25.00 for that week.


7. Q: What happens when I place a late order?
We may not receive your order in time. If this happens we may be able to reschedule your delivery.

However, you will incur a $10.00 late fee to process late orders

8. What happens if the driver can not deliver your CSA order?

This would be due to reason listed on the CSA order page. For example,  your building had a front desk that closed or we did not have access to your building during the delivery time frames. You did not give us access, proper codes, you did not answer the phone, or you front  desk would simply not allow us to deliver. In this case we will have our driver or our driver along with the front desk fill out a form and have it sent to your email.  You would also be charged for your order and will not be able to have it delivered on another day that week due to logistics and the high demand and packed routes this season. In this case you will have to correct the problem on your end before we resume deliveries . This will be 100% your responsibility. 

9. Do I have any responsibility as a CSA member?

Yes, we offer the most flexible program in Washington DC . The only responsibility  that we ask of our members  is that they use their CSA balance before the CSA ends. We do NOT want to keep any of your balance on the books. We close accounting every season and do not transfer balances from season to season or year to year. .However if you are unable to use it, please know that your donation goes to a great cause to help others less fortunate. There is no greater gift that food to someone who has none. It is also your responsability to leave a cooler for your perishable deliveries.

10. When will the CSA Start?

The CSA usually starts in mid to Late May or early June or when enrollment is full. If we do not reach the minimum  enrollment by the first week in June, then you will be refunded in full.

11. What is my starting balance?

Your starting balance is the amount you paid for the season minus the  enrollment fees ($35.00 every 5 weeks).

12.What are the delivery days and hours ?

Please Check your Introductory email

13.Who is responsible if my CSA shares spoiles after delivery

A: You the member are responsible . You either did not give access or answer the phone, or give a FOB, or did not leave a cooler.

14. Will I receive substitutions?

A: Yes  , we are working with mother nature and some items either sell out early , have limited qty or cannot be harvested  or if we feel that the items do not meet our standards then we will sub with another item and the item will always be the same price  in favor of the customer dollar wise. These are all local and organic items.

100% LOCAL or Organic or Both  
Home Delivery CSA Program
**Delivery Areas**
Washington D.C., Bethesda,Chevy Chase

15. How often do I get Deliveries ?

You will receive 10 deliveries in total on a 

Bi weekly basis


1. Your weekly CSA order may not exceed $75.00, and may be adjusted accordingly.  If you place an order over $75.00 and it is accepted there is a $25.00 delivery charge due to weight and size of order.

2. If you do not use your balance you will lose your balance. It will be donated to a charity in the Washington DC area to feed the homeless in food value.

2. If you place a late order  your delivery may be rescheduled and you will be charged an $10.00 late fee.  

3.You may not change your delivery address during the season without getting approval from us by email. You may request a one time change by emailing : DCFarmDelivery@gmail.com. Once we receive your email and you receive an acknowledgement email then we can accept your new delivery address as long as it is within our delivery zones.

Please also note that if you input your address incorrectly on your weekly order page and the driver delivers to the wrong address we assume no responsibility. If the driver has to re-pick up and redeliver or he drives to the wrong address because it was imputed incorrectly by the customer on the weekly order page  you will be charged a $10.00 fee for re-delivery. 

4. Please make every attempt to use your balance before the season ends. WE DO NOT WANT TO KEEP OR DONATE YOUR BALANCE! This can not be overstated. We send out weekly reminder emails every single week to encourage you to place an order and offer hundreds of local organic in season items to choose from, to make it easy to spend your balance.  However,  if you are unable to use your balance , the unused portion will be donated (in food ) to a Feed the homeless shelter program within the Washington DC metro area which is the most sustainable solution. 

5. We take NO responsibility for lost, stolen damaged or spoiled share deliveries. IF you placed an order, then be on the lookout for your delivery.

6. If you order  perishable items make sure you have a cooler with ice if you will not be able to accept the delivery. 

7 .There are NO refunds and we do NOT transfer balances from season to season or year to year. We are a "Flexible CSA Program" but we are a use or lose program.You have several weeks during the season to use your balance. It is so easy to use your balance that 90% of members add to their balance during the CSA program:-)

8. We reserve the right to remove anyone from the program for the following reasons: if they are abusive to our driver , abusive by email to our staff , you are not a good fit for the program (excessive complaints that are un-warranted) ,  your delivery area has changed or other.  You willbe given no refund in this case. This is because you have enrolled and lost a potential member space. 

9.Your balance may not exceed $100.00 on week last delivery. All orders will be adjusted accordingly

10. Missing items must be reported within 24 hours of delivery to receive credit.

11. Please remember that our drivers are wonderful but they  can not call CSA members on delivery days. Drivers can not use cell phones while driving via DC law. So, please do not put this in your delivery instructions because they will be ignored. If you live in a building and  you do not have a front desk where we can securely leave your share and you do not provide a fob or a code to your building then the delivery will be at your risk and left at the drivers best discretion or where you instructed on the delivery form. This is because you have left us no other option . Members are usually emailed when CSA shares arrive but we can not guarantee this will happen 100% every t me on time so please make every effort to make your delivery safe and convenient for you and our driver by providing us the most options and instructions.

12. Build a relationship with your front desk in regards to refrigerating and storing your needs.

13. If your orders are consistantly low  then we may add in season organic local produce items to your order so ensure your balance is used before the program ends.