100% LOCAL, Organic or Both & 100% Seasonal -Delivered


1. Your weekly CSA order may not exceed $75.00, and may be adjusted accordingly.  If you place an order over $75.00 and it is accepted there is a $20.00 delivery charge due to weight and size of order.

2.If you have over $150.00 remaining on your CSA share credit balance at the start of week#7 you will be automatically charged a $20.00 fee  for
having an excessive balance which will require our drivers to incur more packages & weight for your next two final deliveries of the season.This $20.00 fee will also  apply to the start of week 8 if your balance exceeds $75.00 beucase it will then be over the limit.(see rule #1)

2. If you place a late order after Sunday your delivery may be rescheduled and you will be charged an $10.00 late fee.  If you are a business with a  late order that can not be filled on the weekend you will be charged a $10.00 late if if your order is accepted and most of the time you are still guarenteed your delivery day.

3.You may not change your delivery address during the season without getting approval from us by email. You may request a one time change by emailing :DCFarmDelivery@gmail.com. Once we receive your email and you receive an acknowledgement email then we can accept your new delivery address as long as it is within our delivery zones.

4. Missing items must be reported within 24 hours of delivery to receive credit.

5. We take NO responsibility for lost, stolen damaged or spoiled share deliveries. IF you placed an order, then be on the lookout for your delivery.

6. If you order Local Beef,eggs or other perishable items make sure you have a cooler with ice if you will not be able to accept the delivery. 

7 . There are NO refunds and we do NOT transfer balances from season to season or year to year. We are a "Flexible CSA Program" but we are a use or lose program.

8. Your balance may not exceed $100.00 on week #8's delivery. All orders will be adjusted accordingly

9. Build a relationship with your front desk in regards to refrigerating and storing your needs.


1. Q: Hot?
w many shares should  I buy?

Single person household   1 share

Two person household   1-2 shares

Family or Large Office   2-3 shares

Grass-Fed Beef Lovers  2-3 shares

2. Q: What happens to my CSA-Delivery if I am not at work or home to receive it?

If you place a weekly CSA order and you become unable to receive delivery of your CSA Basket on the day of delivery,

you will still be charged for the ordered items.

If you are not present to accept delivery, it is still your responsibilityy to make arrangements for all perishable items.

If you are going out of town, you can skip the week by NOT ordering that week.

If you do not use your CSA Share balance credit, you will NOT lose it even if you skip a week. 

3. Q: How long do I have to use my CSA Share credit?

 You have until the last week of the CSA Share Program that you are enrolled in.

4. Q: Who keeps track of my CSA balances?

The LittleFarmStand, and you can request your balance at any time.


5. Q: What will be in my CSA basket every week?

You pick what items you want included in your weekly CSA basket, unless you want a custom CSA basket created for you.

Every week you will receive a reminder email to check the website and select from the seasonal items we will be offering that week.

Weekly CSA items will be updated via the website EVERY Saturday.

6. Q: What happens if I order too many goodies or spend my entire CSA balance, before the season ends?

You can add more money to your CSA account at any time in $100.00 increments only and before week 6 of the program that you are enrolled in.

If you go over or under your balance on any given week, no problem!

Your CSA Share account is only charged when an order is placed,similar to a gift card.If you have no credit left on your account, then we adjust your order to include as many items as possible that you ordered within your credit balance until it is exhausted.

7. Q: Am I allowed to order anything on the weekly list, in any amount?

  You can choose whatever you like every week, but CSA weekly orders may
NOT exceed $75.00, otherwise you will be charged a large order

processing fee of $20.00 for that week.


8. Q: What happens when I place a late order?
We may not receive your order in time. If this happens we may be able to reschedule your delivery.

However, you will incur a $10.00 late fee to process late orders