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  • All items ordered must be listed on separate lines in bullet format with the item name, price and quantity
  • Orders over $75.00 will be charged an extra fee (see CSA Rules)
  • Please note that LittleFarmStand delivery time frames are from 6am - 12am on delivery days. It is your responsibility to ensure that all preparations on your member end are met to ensure that our driver can successfully complete their delivery. e.g. (Coolers on porch, Apartment and or Bldg Access  during the hours of 6am-10pm.
  • The "Delivery Instruction" field should only be used, if the CSA member has specific delivery instructions, but should include all necessary instructions to make sure the driver can complete delivery. 
  • Late orders may NOT be able to be packed and added to the route, depending on how late they are. If accepted, late orders will be assessed an Admin Late Fee. (Please refer to the CSA Rules page)
  • Once your delivery has been made, you will receive a "delivery arrival" email. After you receive this email, we assume NO RESPONSIBILITY for destroyed, damaged, spoiled or stolen CSA shares. Please make arrangements with your building, management office , home  etc especially if you place perishable orders.
  • Delivery Confirmation Emails are NOT Guaranteed due to glitches. You must be aware of your delivery day schedule and pick up your share from your delivery location on that day.

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