Welcome to our LittleFarmStaned CSA Program. We offer the most flexible CSA program in Washington DC. Our model is unique to all other CSA models. Members are able to use their CSA balance as a gift card. Everything you spend comes off your balance. Members are able to pick up to 90% or more of their CSA weekly shares. The only time we ever sub items is if they are sold out or in shortage . All items are tasetefull subbed with other items in the same category in this case with the same value. Members love this flexability and being able to control their CSA dollars on their favoritle in season local items.

About Us:

Our farmers work hard, year round, to provide us with healthy food. Everything we sell is 100% Local and all Veggies are 100% certified Organic. All of our Beef is 100% Grass Fed Local Virginia Beef and all of our canned local items are hand made in Virginia. All of our fruit is 100% local to the DC metro area.

WHY Support Local?
Community Supported Agriculture gives you the opportunity to support our local farmers. All of  our farming networks land preparation inluding our own is done before we can make any money from the harvest; as a CSA member, your financial support helps these farmers buy seeds, supplies, make soil preparations, and maintain their small-scale family farms to keep thriving for your benefit.

How this impacts you and your family:
You and your family get a share of the harvest, and can trust that the food on your table is local, fresh, and organic.CSA Members make a
HUGE and powerful  commitment to purchase Certified Organic Produce that postively impacs our local economy, personal health and planet Earth. The CSA is key  to the work we do for the organic faming community in our local state of Virginia especially and all the other local states that we work with. Memberships directly support our farmers, give them the much needed money to fund their farm regardelss of what mother nature has planned in terms of weather. This is vital. Your committment is appreicated and has such a direct impact on the lives of all of our local farmers. 

Thank you so much for supportign local farming in your community. We appreciate your continued supportand look forward to another bountiful growing season!

LittleFarmStand Staff