Washington D.C.'s 1st Farm Stand... @ 11th & K Street NW

                                            11th & K Street Northwest DC   and  6th & I Street SW ( SW DuckPond )


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HOURS: Thurs 11-2pm NW

                   Sat:10-12pm SW

11th & K NW    &

6th & I SW Duckpond

Restaurants & Chefs

LittleFarmStand CSA Program

                               UPDATE:CLOSED FOR THE 2014 SEASON!!!!!

                                                                                                                     OPEN FOR THE 2015  SEASON

We are now taking enrollment for the 2015 season through November.

Please email us to sign up for the 2015 season which will start in June 2015

We are offering FREE Delivery to your home or office address w/in Washington,DC

We will not be offering artisinal goods at any of our farm-stand locations any longer            This will Include Local Loudoun County Beef, farm pies and farm soups. 

      These items will ONLY remain available through our growing CSA program 

Please read the CSA Information Page & email us to reserve your 2014 CSA basket

Please Click the CSA INformation Page Above to Read our official LittleFarmStand 2014 CSA Packet and Review our Official Flyer

For Wholesale inquiry To order our specialty Local Heirloom tomatoes, Local Loudoun Co. Honey, Maryland Maple Syrup , fresh farm eggs or farm pies please contact us by email. We are currently serving several DC Restaurants and Chefs. THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING LOCAL!


1.Q: What size CSA-basket should I get?


 Single person household - Tiny or Small basket 

 Couple or Two person household - Medium to Large basket 

 Family or  Large Office  - Large basket

 Grass-Fed Beef Lovers - Large basket 

2Q: What happens to my CSA-Delivery if I am not at work or home to receive it ?

If you place a weekly CSA order and for some reason you become unable to receive delivery of your CSA Basket on the day of delivery. PLEASE email us as soon as possible, to provide us with the DC contact information of the person you want us to DONATE your CSA basket to or someone who will accept delivery on your behalf.  IF NO ARRANGEMENTS ARE MADE (EVERYONE LOSES)...

*If you are going out of town, you can skip the week by NOT ordering that week or simply EMAIL us to say " Skip this Week ". 

*If you do not use your credit you will NOT lose it. Your credit remains the same. You will not lose your money for a skipped week. 

3. Q: How long do I have to use my credit?


You have until week #28 to use your credit. If you Do NOT use your CSA credit by week #28, you WILL lose your CSA credit. 

Members have the flexibility to skip weeks and spend their balances as they please, but all CSA balances must be used by the end of the 28 week program.

4. Q: Who keeps track of my CSA balances?

The LittleFarmStand. You will have your balance emailed to you after week #14 at the midway point. This update is to give you a idea of where your CSA balance stands.

5. Q: Can I pick up my CSA basket at one of your Farm-Stands if necessary ?

 Yes, depending on the circumstance this may be arranged.

​6. Q: What will be in my basket every week?

You will pick what you want to load in your weekly CSA basket, unless we receive special instructions.

Every week you will receive an email to check the website and view what seasonal items we will be offering that week.

Weekly CSA items will be updated via the website EVERY MONDAY. Orders must be placed within 48 hours.

7. Q: What happens if I order too many goodies or spend my entire CSA balance, before the 28th week?

You can add more money to your account at any time, if you run out of your CSA balance.

If you go over or under your balance on any given week, it is no problem. You only lose what you use, it functions similar to a gift card.

8.  Q: Am I allowed to order anything on the weekly list,  in any amount?

Yes, it will all come off of your credit with no restrictions. There is no limit as long as you have a CSA credit remaining. Anything on that weekly list is available. 

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2014 Community Supported Agriculture Program