Local Organic Raspberry  Jam 

$8.00 a jar



Local Organic Tofu 

$4.00 each

1 lb 


Local Organic Carrots

$5.00 a  bunch

Local Organic Zuchinni

​$ 6.00 a bag

​​​​ Local Organic Fruit

All orders are due by Friday  @ 6pm.
Orders cannot be placed until we send out our "Weekly Reminder Email".
Weekly reminder emails are sent out, once the website is updated for the new week.

Any orders placed before the weekly reminder email has been sent, will NOT be accepted.
There is a “late fee”, for all late orders accepted onto delivery routes. Missing Items must be reported with in 24 hours of delivery to receive credit.
If you would like the LittleFarmStandstaff to select your weekly fruits and veggies for any reason, you need to REQUEST that in your weekly order.

Everything listed on our Weekly Goodies page is either Organic & Non-GMO , Or local or both 

 Our Local farm network, includes farms within a 100 mile food shed of the Washington DC Metropolitan Area

Our Farm Co-op Network, farm agricultural lands in the following Potomac Valley Region States:

Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania & West Virginia, NC


Local OrganicWhite Mushrooms

$5.00 a Bag

​​​​ Local Organic Herbs

Local Organic Cremini Mushrooms 

​$5.00 a bag 

Local Organic Cilantro

$4.50 a bunch

100% LOCAL, or Organic or Both & 100% Seasonal - Delivered

Local Honey 

​(not - vegan)

$12.00  jar 

1 lb

Local Organic  Snow Peas

​$10.00 a bag

Local Organic Malabar Spinach

$4.00 a Bag

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Local Peach Habanero Salsa

$7.00 a jar


Local Organic Thai Basil 

$5.00 a bunch

Local Organic Red Gold Potatoes

​$ 6.00 a bag 

Local Veggies and Herbs

Local Organic Cucumbers

​$4.00 a bag


Local Organic Snap Peas

$10.00 a bag

Local Organic Chives

$4.50 a bunch

Local Organic Indigo Rose Tomatoes

$ 10.00 a bag

Local Organic Fresh  Garlic

$10.oo a Bag

Local Organic Chard

$4.00 a Bunch

Local Organic Kohlrabi

$ 7.00 a bag

Loose No greens

​​​​ Local  Organic Jams, Honey & Specialty Locally Canned Seasonal  Items

**Sold Out Veggies of the same price will be tastefully substituted with other available veggies of the same price

Local Proteins (Tofu)

Local Organic Red or Green Kale

$4.00 a  bunch

Local Organic Blueberry Jam 

$8.00 a jar



Local Organic Blueberries

$8.00 a Bag

Local Organic Cherry Tomatoes

​Sun Gold

$6.00 a Pint

Local Organic Golden Zuchinni

$ 6.00 a bag

Local Organic Patty Pan Squash

$ 7.00 a bunch 

Local Apple Cider

$9.00 1/2 Gallon


Local Organic Green Beans

$ 8.00 a bag